11 May Common Workplace Injuries to Prevent

Does your annual workers’ compensation insurance bill put a dent in your cash flow when it arrives each year? It can be quite a problem for the small growing business. Did you know that you might now have the option of taking advantage of a pay as you go workers’ compensation insurance plan? This could allow you to better plan for the expense while still meeting the legal requirements for coverage. You might be able to keep your premiums lower by taking measures to prevent the following common injuries from happening to your employees.

  • Improper lifting practices can lead to serious back injuries.
  • Slip-and-fall incidents are common – ensuring spills are cleaned up quickly goes a long way towards prevention.
  • Repetitive strain injuries as well as muscular problems brought on by poor posture while working are also a common subject of claims.
  • Injuries from misused or malfunctioning machinery are often serious enough to require extended hospitalization.

Most employers seem to recognize the need for insurance that protects employer and employee when an injury occurs however, paying it annually and in advance can be quite a burden. Pay as you go workers’ compensation insurance is designed to help reduce the burden for business. Speak to us if you’d like to know more about pay as you go workers’ comp.

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