17 Aug Creating a Safe Set

While actors may say “break a leg” to each other before walking onto the stage, no one literally hopes for an injury. The unfortunate truth is that many accidents occur on video production sets, often because of a lack of concern for safety. As the person in charge of the film, you are responsible for ensuring the safety of both your cast and crew. Here are just a few suggestions to help you imit the risk of injury.

  • Before beginning to film, take the time to go over all rules of the set, including emergency procedures.
  • Anyone caught cutting corners or participating in dangerous behaviors should be dismissed immediately.
  • When using pyrotechnics, it is a wise decision to check everything twice before continuing with the stunt
  • Inexperienced or untrained individuals should not be put in charge of potentially life threatening
    stunts or equipment.

While accidents are always possible, taking step to reduce the odds of a mishap is a wise idea. Another smart move is obtaining insurance. The right policy could cover the medical expenses of an on-set injury.

Insurance is good for more than just medical bills. It could cover legal expenses related
to claims of copyright infringement. Your policy could also step in to pay back your investors should your film fail to make it to the silver screen. To get more information on these benefits and more, speak to us about video production coverage today.

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