20 Apr Dangers on the Typical Film Set

Film production insurance could help you avoid costly liability expenses. With the numerous people that are present on a film set, there is a very good chance that accidents and injuries could occur. From improperly erected scaffolding to equipment malfunction, there are many dangers associated with a typical set. The key to keeping everyone out of harm’s way is to put safety first on the list. 

When you film any hazardous scenes, it helps to be confident that every member of your crew knows what their responsibilities are and how to handle any emergencies that occur. To achieve this goal, establish regular safety meetings. The meeting should be held on a daily basis before filming starts to make sure that the guidelines for safety are being followed. Insist that everyone attend these meetings if they are going to be present on the set. This includes actors, production staff, stuntmen, and those who are going to be working with any special effects. These regular safety discussions could give people a chance to talk about any concerns or issues they have regarding the film set. 

These are just a couple of points that you want to remember. Even if your movie does not hold a large amount of injury risk for those on set, film production insurance could also come in handy for a variety of things, from breached contracts to claims of discrimination. 


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