13 Feb Film Buffs: Observant or Nit-Picking?

Filming insurance is designed to pay for costs associated with rectifying mishaps that happen during the production of a film, so that the finished product is as close to perfect as it can be. Film buffs are well known for their ability to spot imperfections, incongruities, continuity mistakes and other bloopers that have been missed by editors and make their way into the final cut and onto the silver screen. While most moviegoers would not notice anything amiss, it’s said that some of the keenest film buffs actively seek out errors by analyzing still shots – and if they find a mistake they lose no time in letting the world know!

The logistics of making a movie are a nightmare. Tight budgets and time constraints make it difficult to re-shoot a scene if a significant error is noticed at a late stage.  Shooting takes place over an extended period and is typically out of sequence, so that scenes that are only seconds apart in the final film may have been shot months apart.  Film sets can replicate all sorts of conditions but most films include a proportion of outdoor scenes that can only be shot on location. Once on location, film makers are at the mercy of the weather.

Crew members and film equipment have a habit of appearing in shots. Filming insurance may compensate the film company for the cost of re-shooting scenes that are essential to a film’s plot, but when you consider the complexities of making films it’s hardly surprising that little mistakes occasionally slip unnoticed through the continuity net.

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