09 Mar Film Production Insurance: Don’t Roll Camera Without It

There are so many aspects that go into producing a major motion picture. From picking the location to casting the actors involved to contracting the various support staff, a film set is often a very busy place. All those people may increase the odds of something going wrong. This is why film production insurance is vital.

Just ask the producers of the following films:

• While shooting a scene involving fire and explosions in “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows”, a back lot caught on fire according to the UK Daily Mail. The entire set was destroyed, costing the studio over £100,000.

• The “Duke” himself was also the victim of a film production tragedy. According to an entry on Wikipedia, while filming “The Conqueror”, a 1957 film produced by the late Howard Hughes, John Wayne and 91 other people were exposed to radiation because of the proximity of the set to a federal nuclear testing in Southwestern Utah. He later died of cancer, which may have been caused by this incident.

• In 1939, actress Margaret Hamilton was severely burned while playing the wicked witch in “The Wizard of OZ” when a trapdoor failed to open according to Wikipedia. She was hospitalized for six weeks and afterwards refused to be a part of anymore fire stunts. The actress that was hired as her stunt double was also injured twice during the making of the film.

Anything can happen on location and it usually does. You may be able to stop unfortunate and expensive accidents from bankrupting your movie by obtaining adequate film production insurance.


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