29 Mar Film Production Insurance for Small Films

Many small-time filmmakers may think that film production insurance is something only needed for larger shoots. This is certain not the case – even relatively low-budget films could benefit from coverage.
No matter the size or scale of your production, a live set is a very risky environment. Even smaller operations could involve several people and tons of equipment. With so many things happening at once, both in front of the camera and behind the scenes, the opportunities for an accident are many.

• The main camera could be dropped by an intern while transporting it to the next setting.
• A standing light could be knocked over and cause injures to an ‘extra’.
• The pyrotechnics used during an explosion scene could get out of hand. As the filmmaker, you could be held responsible for paying for any damages.
• A fighting scene could go awry when one of the lead actors is injured.

These and any number of other events could quickly cause your film to go bankrupt. Film production insurance may come in handy with these unforeseen financial difficulties. Before you yell “Action!” make sure your shoot is sufficiently covered. Failing to get insurance could mean no one ever sees your vision on the big screen.

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