02 Nov Insurance to Reduce Some of the Risks of Filming

Filming insurance is designed to provide protection for filmmakers who are producing feature films, commercials, television programs and documentaries. Insurance protection is provided for the property associated with making films and for extra costs resulting from unplanned events during film production.

There are four basic filming insurance products.

  • Cast insurance covers additional costs that may arise because of the illness or death of a key member of the cast or film crew.
  • Errors and omissions insurance provide protection from the financial consequences of lawsuits alleging issues such as slander, libel, plagiarism or violation of personal rights.
  • General film production insurance provides insurance for a range of general business risks such as workers compensation, liability and auto insurance as well as risks that are specific to the film industry such as equipment failure, inclement weather and set damage.
  • Completion bonding provides a guarantee that the film will be finished. Independent film productions that are not backed by major studios may need this type of insurance to ensure that funds are available to finish a film.


Those of us who are enthusiastic readers of celebrity gossip magazines will be familiar with some of the risks associated with Hollywood productions. An uninitiated person, seeing the list of risks that filming insurance covers, might be quite surprised at the variety of things that can go wrong between casting couch and silver screen!


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