15 Mar Is Your Film Production Insured?

Are you considering making a movie without film production insurance? This may be something you may want to reconsider. Insurance is a vital part of keeping unexpected events from bankrupting your movie. Damage to props and equipment as well as injuries to the actors and staff could give your movie a financial blow that it never recovers from.

There have been many deaths and injuries throughout the history of moving making. According to Wikipedia, a stuntman named Harry O’Connor was killed in 2002 during the making of the movie “XXX”, which featured Vin Diesel. While performing a stunt, Harry hit a bridge and died instantly, a horrible scene that was caught on camera and by his family who were watching nearby.

More recently, Reuters reported on an accident on the set of new “Resident Evil” movie, where a platform collapsed. During this incident, sixteen people were injured. They had to be rushed to the hospital as their costumes made it harder to treat their injuries.

When making a movie with a tight budget, a major accident could be the straw the breaks the camel’s back and halts production. With a sufficient film production insurance policy, you may be spared the hefty expenses that come up when something goes wrong.

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