02 May Is Your Shoot Properly Covered with Film Production Insurance?

Undertaking a shoot, whether for a full length feature or just a shampoo commercial, could be a major endeavor. Hazards on location, a variety of equipment, and countless crew members – there is a lot of room for risk. Make sure you have film production insurance in place before calling “Action!”

A million things may go wrong during a production – from equipment becoming damaged to injuries on the set. Professional shoots could run from a few thousand dollars to several million, but so could the cost of a liability suit. That is why the coverage is so crucial. 

Typically, stunts are the most dangerous portion of any shoot and are often filmed last in the process for just this reason. A lot of stunts involve many things happening at once – all the different elements could make it harder to limit the risk.

Sometimes the financial damage to a film occurs long after the wrap party – a development or processing issue may arise, perhaps the soundtrack is corrupt. Typical human error could lead to massive budget overruns from re-shooting.

You could limit the financial risk you face by investing in a sufficient film production insurance policy now. In show business, one day you are on top and the next, you are in the gutter. Do not let a lack of proper coverage be the downfall of your career.

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