21 Feb Why Launching an Effective Safety Program is Everyone’s Responsibility


Employees at every level should participate

While many safety programs are designed and implemented by supervisors, all employees should recognize the importance of accident prevention – because an accident could jeopardize the security of their family and future.

Working as a team is essential.

Because a safe work place, free from hazards, should be the goal of all employees, any unsafe activity should be reported immediately.

Employee safety suggestions are extremely valuable.

Although employees with years of experience can easily spot potential safety hazards, new employees, with fresh insight, should be encouraged to notice and report safety hazards that might be overlooked by veterans in the industry.

Small suggestions can make big differences.

Because even one small suggestion could prevent a safety hazard, employees should be encouraged to make safety suggestions.

Questions can greatly impact understanding.

Because open communication is essential when it comes to understanding safety, there is no such thing as a “stupid” question. Clarification can help prevent accidents, resulting in a significant impact on safety.

If you have questions on creating, restructuring, or re-evaluating your safety program, we would be happy to speak with you.

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