28 Oct Make an Inventory for Your Filming Insurance

Have you prepared an inventory of business property?  An accurate, up-to-date inventory of your business assets can save you time, money and hassle. This document is useful when you need to calculate the level of filming insurance coverage you require, and it may be used as a checklist of business possessions so that you can easily identify what has been lost if the business suffers a burglary or if items are lost in a disaster.

The inventory should include details of all business assets:

  • Describe each asset fully, including details of brand and model.
  • Maintain a record of the purchase date and purchase price of each asset.
  • Include photographs of any unique items such as signage or custom-built furniture.
  • Remember to include the extras, such as burglar alarms, security monitors and air conditioning systems in the inventory.


business inventory can help you to accurately estimate the current value of your business assets and avoid the risk of being over or under-insured. Used as a checklist following a fire, burglary or natural disaster, your inventory can help to ensure that every item that is lost or damaged is included in your filming insurance claim. The inventory also helps to prove the value and ownership of property in support of your insurance claim.

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    Bob, I’m in Edmonton. Our average price is $393K wearehs Calgary is $485K. We’re not seeing the same market conditions in Edmonton as Calgary however it seems like Edmonton seems to lag Calgary. Can you explain why such a huge difference and whether Calgary is overheated or Edmonton is expected to catch up?I don’t know the Edmonton market, so I can’t give an informed answer. Maybe some other readers can. -Bob

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