03 Sep OSHA Provides List of Every Reported Workplace Death or Injury

The stories are nearly as gruesome as what you’d see in a Halloween Horror flick, but sadly, these stories are true.

By visiting the OSHA – that’s the Occupational Safety & Health Administration – web site, you can see a list of every reported workplace injury and administrative or judicial ruling against companies that has happened in the last 30 days, year, or even previous years. Ranging from exposure to dangerous noise levels to amputations, electric shock, exposure to dangerous chemicals, and sadly in some cases, death, the list of OSHA violations is surprisingly long, considering that most workplace accidents are preventable.

Staffing agencies have an added burden in that their employees are typically placed at client sites to perform their assigned duties. As a staffing provider, it is incumbent upon you to ensure your workers’ safety by working with your clients to provide proper training and protections.

You can start by ensuring that they adopt proper training procedures and adhere to OSHA guidelines for preventing workplace hazards. That one simple step can protect your workers and help you avoid costly workers’ compensation claims. To reduce your workers’ compensation risk even more, you can take simple steps like bringing in a Certified Risk Manager to perform a site risk assessment for each client site. In fact, at Barrow Group, our Risk Manager takes this process even further, reducing your financial exposure even more by helping you to participate in the OSHA Temporary Worker Initiation (TWI). Through this program, a great Risk Manager can provide OSHA best practices training, establish an OSHA Injury & Illness Prevention Programs, establish an OSHA TWI Partnership Agreement, and establish an OSHA Forklift Safety Partnership Program for temporary employees.

Keep your staffing employees out of the horror show by finding a Certified Risk Manager and workers’ compensation specialist  who will become your partner in improving workplace safety and reducing your financial exposure today.

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