17 Jan Protect your Company with Pay as you Go Workers Compensation

At last, an alternative to regular workers compensation insurance!  Our pay as you go workers compensation insurance promises to make a real difference to small business owners across the country!

Workers compensation insurance is mandatory for most employers in almost all states.  It protects workers who suffer work-related injury and illness by paying medical costs and a portion of lost wages. Carrying workers compensation insurance provides the employer with immunity from the risk of being sued by employees for workplace injuries.

However, many small business operators find regular workers compensation problematic. Workers compensation premiums are based on the employer’s payroll forecast, and many business owners find it difficult to make accurate forecasts. They are often required to make advance payments of several months’ premiums up front, and many small business owners complain that this causes cash flow difficulties.

Pay as you go workers compensation offers workers and employers the same benefits as regular workers compensation insurance, but without the requirements to forecast payroll or pay large premiums in advance. A breath of fresh air for small business owners!


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