13 Jun Pyrotechnic Safety Tips and Video Production Insurance


One of many reasons why many production businesses carry video production insurance can be because of the pyrotechnics used on set.

Pyrotechnics is the name given to the devices responsible for the fireworks and explosions in movies. Are you interested in adding such an element of excitement to your film? Make sure the individuals who handle these special effects are experienced and properly trained, as there is a chance of being seriously injured or killed when pyrotechnics go awry.

A few safety tips that you should enforce when pyrotechnics are on site are listed below:


  • No one should ever smoke around the chemicals, incendiary items, explosives, detonators or related equipment. It could lead to a deadly explosion.
  • When working with pyrotechnic chemicals, always wear rubber gloves, eye protection and a breathing mask. Some of the substances could cause lung damage when inhaled.
  • All gasoline, oil and other flammable substances should be stored at least 25 feet away from where the pyrotechnics will be set off.
  • While seeing the fireworks and explosions is exciting, only the individuals needed for the scene should be near the site.


Failing to abide by these and other safety rules when dealing with pyrotechnics could lead to a major accident that disrupts filming. Even when you are a stickler for regulations, the risk of human error cannot be totally eliminated. Make sure you invest in enough video production insurance to cover your full risk and that of others.

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