13 Feb Reducing Workers’ Compensation Costs with Safety Plans

Looking to control your workers’ compensation costs? 

Workers’ compensation costs stem from accidents and the best way to reduce costs is to implement a solid safety program. We have some great tips for a safety program to reduce workplace injuries and save your company money.

Establish compliance with OSHA standards. OSHA standards are in place for a reason. Following the guidelines that are already laid out can be a great way to reduce incidents. Programs that are OSHA compliant have been proven to have fewer accidents. They lead to increased productivity and fewer workers’ compensation claims.

Integrate programs into daily operations. Practicing safety as part of a daily routine is the best way to reduce accidents. The best offense is a good defense, and being proactive against accidents is more effective than being reactive.

Investigate all injuries and illnesses, no matter how small. Reducing accidents and costs starts by investigating all injuries, big and small. Finding the source of accidents is the one of the best ways to identify risks and find solutions. Even if the accident is a first-aid only injury, documentation can help find the root of the risk and prevent future injuries and loss of productivity.

Provide training to develop safety competence in all employees. Safety competent supervisors and employees can drastically reduce the number of workplace accidents. Knowing how to implement safety in daily tasks is extremely important for reducing costs and promoting a safe work environment.

Audit programs and your worksite for continuous improvement. Reviewing your safety programs to make sure they are still relevant and effective can be a great way to keep your workers compensation rates low. Changing a safety program may seem like a hassle, but when costs are too high, changing your strategy may be the best way to reduce costs.

A safety program is essential for every work place. Besides reducing accidents and injuries, staying OSHA compliant can help you avoid hefty fees on top of rising workers’ compensation costs.

The Barrow Group is committed to helping you establish a strong safety program that minimizes the workers’ compensation exposures. Contact us today at (770) 338-7392 to learn more about our OSHA compliance and safety program resources.

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