31 Jul Safety on the Set


Are you about to start a new video project? Like any filmmaker, you probably dream of see your creation up on the big screen. The key to achieving such a goal is taking your work seriously. One way you could do that is being proactive in ensuring the safety of your crew and cast. You may also want to consider obtaining insurance for your film or video production.


Do you have any safety procedures in place? It may be wise to put all safety policies and procedures in a single manual. Having a safety plan in writing could help decrease the number of accidents that occur on the set, as well as limit your liability should an injury occur.

An important part of having a safety manual is enforcing the rules it contains. To ensure all parts of your production are on the up and up, you should complete regular inspections. You should pay special attention to any new additions to the set, and any area or equipment that workers have complained about.


An unsafe set could lead to injuries or illnesses, as well as fines and interruptions in filming if OSHA begins an investigation. If an injury does occur, you do not want to find yourself without insurance. The right coverage could allow you to pay the expenses related to the accident without putting your film in jeopardy.

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