17 May Safety Tips for Small Business Office Workers

While the office of a small business may seem one of the safest places to work, accidents could still occur on the job. Small businesses that are eligible might opt for pay as you go workers compensation insurance plan over the typical policy. You may also be able to reduce to chances of an injury at the workplace by posting the following safety rules throughout the premises.

  • Never eat or drink near electrical devices.
  • Keep your eyes ahead when walking and not on your phone or paperwork.
  • No items should be placed in the walkways, including boxes, wires, or furniture.
  • Do not carry any items that are too heavy for you to manage on your own.
  • Take more than one trip when necessary to avoid carrying tall stacks.
  • Close drawers and cabinets once you find the item you were looking for.
  • Never run, even during an emergency.
  • Use the handrails when ascending or descending the stairs.
  • Report any hazardous items or conditions to a supervisor immediately.

Even after instilling various safety rules into your employees, an accident or injury could still occur. Having pay as you go workers compensation insurance enables you to meet your legal obligations and could help ensure that your valuable employee is able to obtain the required treatment and return to work.

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