13 Apr Specialized Insurance Available for Film Production

The making of motion picture films is an exciting business, and film production insuranceis vital to provide financial protection for each project. Film production presents some unusual situations that require insurance coverage, and your specialty carrier may use consultants, engineers, legal representation, and other advisers to make sure that every aspect of the production is covered.
In addition to property, liability, workers’ compensation, and automobile coverage, other specialty insurances will most likely be necessary depending on the type of production. For instance, stunt insurance is very specialized. Carriers may offer coverage for structured fight scenes, water scenes (although watercraft need separate coverage), choreographed falls, scenes involving various kinds of weapon, pyrotechnic effects, precision driving of any kind of vehicle, aerial scenes, and scenes involving animals.

Artist and cast insurance may need to be in place to cover the event a key cast or crew member is delayed or unable to finish the project. Weather insurance may be required in case inclement weather delays production. Rented jewelry and furs along with all electronic equipment are likely to need to be covered. Liability coverage is extremely important.

Although the process may sound complicated, an agent with experience in arranging film production insurancemay be able to customize an insurance package that will offer you a measure of financial protection in what can be a very risky business.

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