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25 Jan The Investment in Incident Investigation….Improving your Bottom Line

A main objective for our client partners is helping them with processes to potentially improve their “controllable” premium. One area that we see with our better performers is their investment in Incident Investigation – both with education for their staff and a focus on the process itself.

Unfortunately accidents do happen… most are from an unsafe work practice. Through proper investigation, staffing agencies can positively affect safety behavior which can impact their bottom line in the future.

Here are some key points for an effective investigations after an incident:

  • Number 1: Show compassion to your injured worker
  • Get the facts quickly! The Sooner the Better…stories and recollection can change over time
  • BE INVOLVED – don’t rely on your customer or employee to tell you what occurred
  • The process is for ”fact finding” – not “fault finding”
  • Make sure you obtain signed statements from all parties (witnesses, customer, and your employee)


What are some benefits?

  • Potentially lowering future workers compensation Incident and Indemnity Rates
  • Fulfilling OSHA requirement to ensure employees are in a safe workplace
  • Potentially identifying fraud and third-party liability
  • Identifying safety issues for correction
  • Making informed decisions about the client
  • Improving your relationship with client


Barrow Group’s experts are here to help and have some great workers’ compensation carriers to partner with to help you improve in this area – including training and implementation. It could mean a potential to greatly improve your bottom line as well!

Interested in learning more about your investment in incident investigation?
Contact our Director of Staffing Insurance, Kevin Kilcoyne, CIC, CRM, CSP at (800) 874 – 4798 or click here to contact us or send email to today.

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