06 Feb Unusual insurance request? We’ll take it in our stride!

Do you need insurance protection for an unusual situation?

Don’t despair and give up your search if the first insurance company you approach can’t help you; our insurance agency has been able to help many individuals and organizations to obtain insurance coverage, and with a little perseverance we may be able to find an insurance company that is prepared to accept the risk of insuring you. We have experience across the entire spectrum of insurance, from everyday products like health cover to filming insurance coverage for Hollywood productions.

What sorts of unusual insurance products are available?

•High value home insurance is a useful product if you have a mansion or two.  People who need insurance for high value homes often have other special insurance needs that come with their affluent lifestyles, so policy holders may be offered additional benefits such generous compensation for fraud and identity theft.
•Some insurance companies specialize in unusual automobiles so owners of rare, unique or valuable motor vehicles may get the coverage they need.
•Kidnapping is a growth industry in some countries. Individuals who travel to kidnapping hotspots or work there can obtain insurance to cover ransom demands.
•Insurance coverage for rain is commonplace; whether it’s a local church fundraising event or a celebrity wedding, rain can put a dampener on proceedings but insurance may provide some compensation.

We can find insurers to provide filming insurance coverage for Hollywood productions, and we’ll do our best to find an insurance solution for you. Try us, we welcome the challenge!


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