11 Jul Video Production Insurance for any Business

The advent of YouTube and social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn has proven to be good for business. Many small and medium-sized businesses have embraced new technologies to help market their business and build customer support. Should you be looking to use video production as part of any marketing strategy, it’s a good idea to make yourself aware of video production insurance and find out if any company you engage is insured.


This is a specialist policy available to professional video producers and production companies. Just as you would no doubt insure your business property and possessions, specialist polices such as this may provide a valuable lifeline in the event anything were to go wrong. A production might lose a cast member at the 11th hour, lose money on booked venues if a technical breakdown meant you were unable to shoot, or even face cancellation if an outside production was postponed after inclement weather. Insurance may assist with a variety of scenarios to help ensure you regroup and reschedule.


Just as businesses might employ the services of a professional video production company, professional advice is always recommended when it comes to your insurance. Your insurance agent may assist with advice, information and any queries you have regarding video production insurance.

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