24 May We’re Here for Your Video Production Insurance Needs

Are you looking for video production insurance? Assisting those in the film business is one of our specialties so whether you’re in the business of making movies, or you produce corporate training or wedding videos, you’re welcome to speak to one of our agents for advice or to arrange insurance quotes.

Why use a specialist? It’s simply really – while some of the risks involved in producing film and video are similar to those faced by most other business types, there are some risks relatively unique to the industry. Even when it comes to common types of insurance like workers’ compensation and liability, the name of the coverage may be the same but the types of things that can go wrong are just a little different!

Another benefit of engaging an agent with expertise in the area is that when you call on your agent to arrange special short term coverage, to ask questions, or to assist with the submission of a claim, you’re dealing with an individual who knows where to find the answers you need quickly. Speak to us soon if you require further information or a quote for video production insurance or other coverage related to your business activities. We’d be happy to assist.

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