23 Mar Why Film Production Insurance is an Essential Investment

Producing a film is no small task. With actors, gaffes, directors and extras to pay, producers may find themselves running in the red. What happens when the production ends unexpectedly? All that money is still owed to the promised parties, and they are not looking for excuses. For this reason, film production insurance is a must.

Many factors could affect a filming site, from weather to injuries. There are insurances to cover the various risks you could encounter as you take on your filming production. Film insurance providers may cover short-term productions, such as those lasting under 60 days with budgets less than $300,000 or 180 day filming projects with budgets ranging up to a million dollars. Longer and more expensive pictures could also be insured.

Of course, there are limitations to coverage. What sort of exceptions should short-term productions expect? Some providers may require the studio not to use stuntmen, fight scenes, guns blanks, or pyrotechnics. Other insurers expect low budget films to lack animals, aircraft, and boats.

Your film is unique. There is no one-size-fits-all film production insurance policy. To ensure you are adequately covered, consider contacting one of our agents about the different programs available to the fledgling – or experienced – film maker.

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