Certified Staffing Professional at Barrow Group LLC


What is a CSP®? (Don’t worry, you’re not the first to ask us.)
A CSP® is an in-depth program focused on labor and employment law principals and ethical practices applicable to the staffing industry. This professional credential encompasses both federal and state laws and regulations.

So why work with a Certified Staffing Professional®?
1. Knowledge is still king. Key component is the inclusion of federal and state laws specific to the staffing industry.
2. This certification is not for the faint of heart. It’s an investment of advance education and important tool for providing clients the best service perspective possible.
3. A creditable answer to an ethical or Affordable Care Act (ACA) question can just be a phone call away.

How do you find a CSP®?
Credential individuals are entitled to the CSP® designation on all communications. From a certification brochure to business cards.

When do you need a CSP®?
A better question is what did you do prior to working with a certified staffing professional®? Expertise at this level enhances the staffing industry impact on the U.S. economy.

Who facilitates the Certified Staffing Professional® program?
The American Staffing Association (ASA). For certified staffing professional® program information, visit American Staffing Association.

What does a CSP® have to do with Barrow Group LLC?
Like you, Barrow Group’s temporary staffing insurance team has spent years cultivating knowledge about their field, learning all there is to know about workers’ compensation and liability insurance for the temporary staffing industry.

Having a CSP® on staff gives a level of attention and care that has created significant savings for many of Barrow Group’s temporary staffing clients. From discovering mistakes in workers’ comp class codes to helping staffing firms implement hiring guidelines that can identify potential claims, performing host site safety evaluations, and providing OSHA best practices training. Our expertise has saved our clients millions of dollars, both in reduced premiums and in the avoidance or reduction of OSHA fines.


Want to know more, contact Barrow Group’s Director CSP®, today!

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