Open Enrollment Support checklist

12 Aug 2017 Open Enrollment – Are You Ready?

Ready? The success of your employee benefit program is based entirely on your open enrollment process. With so any components, legal obligations and responsibilities…many in the Staffing and Professional Employment Organization (PEO) industry feel over-whelmed.

With many plans beginning on or after Jan. 1, 2017, you will need to know all the plan design changes. Are your ACA disclosure requirements compliant? And if they are compliant, what ACA reporting tools do you need to have in place? Don’t forget which annual notices you will need with your open enrollment materials. All of this impacts how you design your enrollment process.

Could a checklist make the entire process a little smoother? You bet!

The checklist includes:

  • Grandfathered Plan Status
  • Out-of-pocket Maximum
  • Health FSA Contributions
  • Transition Policy for Small Group Health Plans
  • Wellness Program Design
  • ACA Compliant Disclosure Requirements
  • Barrow Group LLC is happy to provide your free 2017 Open Enrollment Support check-list to confirm the required changes. Click here to access your checklist.

    If you still have questions contact one of our employee benefits experts today! We are here to provide assistance in your successful open enrollment process.

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