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Protecting your workers from workplace injury is vital, not only to their health, but to the health of your business as well. A solid workers’ compensation program doesn’t just provide insurance coverage in case of injury or death, but goes far beyond that offering educational and support functions designed to help reduce the number of workplace injuries and limit your financial liability in the event of such an incident.

At Barrow Group, our Healthcare Staffing experts believe the best way to reduce workers’ compensation costs is to reduce the number of claims.  To that end, we provide in-depth consultation to each healthcare staffing industry client. We spend time analyzing and evaluating the types of jobs your caregivers do and the specifics of the host sites where they will be placed. From hospice to home health care, every workers’ comp policy is tailored to the specific needs of each healthcare staffing client.

Benefits of Working With Barrow Group

Our personalized consultative approach to customer care includes:

Experience modification review and forecasting

Workers’ Compensation classification analysis

Risk management & safety procedures education

OSHA best practices training

OSHA report and audit guidance

Return-to-Work implementation

Drug-free Workplace programs

Claims advocacy

Monthly reporting assistance

Deductible analysis

Our Certified Risk Manager (CRM) can provide on-site safety training which includes OSHA best practices. We can also provide information on host-site safety and give you access to a variety of materials to share with both your employees and their host managers. Alternate employer endorsements are provided to ensure your clients they are protected against liability in the unfortunate event of a workplace injury or death.

Barrow Group’s healthcare staffing industry experts will provide a proactive claims and loss analysis management program. To learn more about this program and how Barrow Group has helped clients reduce their number of claims and lower their experience rating, visit our Case Studies page.

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