Rather than adopting a broad, general business approach, Barrow Group has deployed four unique teams, each with keen insight to the needs of the industries and areas of expertise they represent: Temporary Staffing; PEOs; Group Benefits for Staffing & PEOs; and Film & Television.

Bob Barrow wrote his first staffing specific policy in 1982, beginning a thirty-plus year relationship focused on serving the insurance needs of the burgeoning temporary staffing industry. As specialty providers in the staffing industry, Barrow Group can provide an in-depth understanding of workers’ compensation and liability issues, class codes, and insurance requirements that remains unsurpassed by business generalists.

Bob Barrow established himself as a leader in PEO insurance beginning in 1989. As a member of NAPEO (National Association of Professional Employer Organizations) and PACE (Professional Administrative Co-Employers), Barrow Group’s dedicated PEO team partners with PEOs to identify and provide cost-effective insurance options tailored to PEOs and their specific clients while also introducing programs that can help lower total premium costs.

Barrow Group has been a provider of traditional group health coverage for many years. Beginning with the passage of the Affordable Care Act, Barrow Group tapped into its knowledge of the temporary staffing industry and its relationships with health insurance carriers to begin identifying the most affordable health insurance programs that meet ACA-guidelines in order to help temporary staffing agencies avoid penalties by remaining compliant with current healthcare coverage laws.

In 2012 Barrow Group added its Film & Television Production Insurance department to help provide insurance coverage for Georgia’s growing film & television industry. The department’s director holds a BFA in Film Production and brings a thorough understanding of the intricacies associated with making a film, video, or television program. In a few short years, Barrow Group’s film department has gone from providing coverage to local productions to insuring major Hollywood motion pictures filming around the world.