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While workers’ compensation coverage is a primary necessity for temporary staffing firms, it isn’t the only coverage necessary to protect your growing business. You also need to protect your company’s physical property and financial assets against loss, not to mention your company’s reputation.

Let our team of temporary staffing experts help you assess your need for business insurance programs that will alleviate your worries and let you focus on doing what you do best.

Benefits of Working With Barrow Group

In addition to our tailored workers’ compensation coverages, Barrow Group, LLC offers:

Employment Practices Liability (extending to temporary employees placed at host sites)

General Liability (including “additional insured” coverage where required by contract)

Property & Casualty (including office contents, third-party property, business income, crime, automobile, and bonds)

Errors & Omissions (including claims of negligence or failure to perform professional duties)

Wage & Hour Claims

International Liability (for firms making international placements – includes employer responsibility; accidental death & dismemberment; and kidnapping, repatriation, and extortion coverage)

Of course, helping you find the right coverage is just the beginning of Barrow Group’s expertise. Our temporary staffing team hold a variety of professional certifications, including Certified Staffing Professional; Certified Risk Manager; and Certified Insurance Counselor. Our training and professional knowledge can be put to work in ways that will help reduce your exposure to risk.  These include helping you utilize hiring practices to identify potential business threats; implementing a Drug-Free Workplace program and loss studies to identify your biggest areas of concern. Our temporary staffing experts are always available to help you reduce claims and their associated expense.

Additionally, we also have on-staff health benefits professionals who specialize in providing ACA-compliant coverage for temporary employees.

To learn more about how Barrow Group has saved its clients millions of dollars in lost premiums, visit our Case Studies page.

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