Case Study



Our customers’ results speak to the success

of Barrow Group’s temporary staffing

controllable premium programs. Take a look

at how our relationship with our clients

helped them lower costs and reduce worker


Case Study #1: Keys to Lowering Work Comp Costs: Employee Safety Training and Return to Work Strategies:

For one staffing agency, worker injuries, frequent small claims, and lingering indemnity claims were taking a toll on its ability to remain profitable.  So when Kevin Kilcoyne of Barrow Group told them he was confident he could help them save money, they were willing to give it a try.

Case Study #2: How to Pay 47% Less on Workers' Compensation Premiums by Lowering the X-Mod

This case study documents the success of a Barrow Group staffing agency.  By decreasing their NCCI experience rating, they have lowered their average workers compensation premium by hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Read on. . .

Case Study #3: Is It Possible to Lower Health Care Costs Without Cutting Benefits?

What do you say when your insurance agent succeeds in lowering your health insurance costs while increasing benefits for you and your staff?

Case Study #4: How to Pay 31% Less for Insurance (Without Quoting)

With an “X-mod rating” of 139, this Barrow Group staffing agency’s number of workers’ compensation claims exceeded the national average.  This meant the firm was paying 39% more in premiums than average.  Here’s how they made things right.