Liability Coverage for PEOs


Every business owner must face the liability risks inherent in doing business. At Barrow Group, we understand the risks are different when you’re part of a co-employment agreement. Not only do you need to protect physical assets, but you also have to consider the risks involved with having employees working at client sites. Defining responsibility for employees and property under a co-employment agreement is just one of the ways the Barrow Group PEO specialists can help you reduce your risk and protect your growing business.

Benefits of Working With Barrow Group

Let our team of PEO experts help you assess your primary risk factors and build a business insurance program that will alleviate your concerns and let you focus on providing the best HR management programs for your clients. We can tailor a business insurance program that includes:

Employment Practices Liability (extending to temporary employees placed at host sites)

General Liability (including “additional insured” coverage where required by contract)

Property & Casualty (including office contents, third-party property, business income, crime, automobile, and bonds)

Errors & Omissions (including claims of negligence or failure to perform professional duties)

Wage & Hour Claims

International Liability (for firms making international placements – includes employer responsibility; accidental death & dismemberment; and kidnapping, repatriation, and extortion coverage)

There are a lot of insurance agencies out there with expertise in nearly every area of service.  Bob Barrow founded Barrow Group 30 years ago with a very narrow focus on the PEO industry.  If you had the choice between working with an expert or a generalist, the choice would be clear.  

Barrow Group offers customized solutions to PEOs,  We look at the unique risk factors associated with your organization.  We reduce your risk, protect your assets and assure that productivity remains high.  Additionally, if you have a claim, we’ll work with you and your insurance carrier to assure a prompt and fair settlement.

Additionally, we also have on-staff Health Benefits professionals who specialize in providing ACA-compliant coverage for Professional Employment Organization co-hires.

In these challenging times, exploring your options and having an advocate that understands the PEO industry can be invaluable.

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