01 Jun Does Your Film Need Video Production Insurance

From commercials to Hollywood movies, video production insurance is a must. It could help pay for the expenses of an injury on the set, or property damage, as well as going over budget. Here are just a few reasons to seek coverage.

  • Does your film include a fight scene or two? Even though these are choreographed for safety, any scene which includes the use of weapons or physical contact between actors is a liability risk.
  • Shooting from alternative environments, such as on the water, or in the air, could add to your movie’s excitement. When something goes wrong while filming offsite however, the injuries and damage could be expensive.
  • What movie could not be improved by a few explosions? The problem lies in the potential for fireworks and demolitions to go awry.
  • From street racing to car chases, the use of fast cars could be a necessary part of your film’s plot. Even after hiring a professional driver or filming on a racetrack, there is no guarantee that things will go as planned.
  • The amount of video production insurance you need depends on the length and budget of your filming project. It is important to take into consideration the actors’ compensation and the stunts, as well as the potential for damaging private or public property while making your video, to ensure you are sufficiently insured.

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