Barrow Group University Prepares Workers for the Future

A workforce that is prepared and properly trained has fewer injuries, is more productive, and experiences more job satisfaction than workers who are poorly prepared.  As discussions continue about the need for a workforce that is prepared for the future, Barrow Group offers staffing agency/clients a complimentary online employee training center, called Barrow Group University. The center offers client’s access to more than 300+ training programs on safety, OSHA, human resources, healthcare, wellness and many more topics.  Courses provide employees with the skills they need to work more effectively and safely do their jobs.  Some of the benefits it provides agencies are:

  1. 1. Complimentary access to 300+ Employee Training Programs.
  2. 2. Online training programs that employees can access from home or at work 24/7.
  3. 3. Many programs translated in Spanish.
  4. 4. Training and testing for internal staff.
  5. 5. Training for temporary associates.
  6. 6. Options for short-term light duty assignments.
  7. 7. Compliance tracking and reporting that can be shared with client companies.
  8. 8. The ability to print completion certificates.
  9. 9. The ability to set up custom libraries.
  10. 10. Continuous program updates provides workers with opportunities to upskill and reskill as needed.
  11. 11. Demonstrates your commitment to providing direct clients with highly trained workers.

If you are a client of Barrow Group and have not taken advantage of this benefit, please contact us at 800-874-4798.  If you are not a client and are in need of a competitive quote, feel free to call us anytime.

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