Negative Film, Videotape and faulty stock insurance

Though the world has turned to documenting their lives using digital cameras, producers create movies, commercials and soundtracks using cameras, raw film and digital media. Their camera equipment is complicated and expensive and so are the film supplies they use in their equipment. Damage to film, recorded videotapes and soundtracks happen. In these instances, having Negative Film/Videotape and Faulty Stock insurance will cover the production company’s expense to re-shoot and/or edit material from the loss. If the production is deemed unsalvageable and the decision is made to desert the project, insurance provides for costs incurred up to that point.

Negative Film/Videotape Insurance covers loss to:

  • digital media
  • film or tape stock
  • damage or loss to the film negative
  • recorded videotapes and soundtracks

Negative Film/Videotape Insurance does not cover:

  • faulty camera or sound equipment
  • errors by the cameraman, including:
    • accidental exposure to light or temperatures: hot, cold or damp
    • defective developing, editing, processing
    • poor judgement in exposure; lighting or sound recording
    • using the incorrect type of camera, lens, raw film or tape stock

Faulty Stock Camera and Processing insurance covers:

  • loss, damage or ruin of digital media, film or tape
  • recorded videotape, soundtracks and tapes, caused by or resulting from fogging or the use of faulty equipment (including cameras and videotape recorders)
  • exposed film efective sound equipment
  • faulty developing
  • defective editing and processing
  • unintended erasure of video recording

Coverage does not include loss caused by:

  • errors of judgment in exposure, lighting or sound recording
  • using the incorrect type of camera, lens, raw film or tape stock

The Importance if Hiring an Experienced, Professional Camera Operator

Hiring a professional, experienced camera operator that is up-to-date on shooting techniques, lighting, equipment, formats and resolutions is important. If equipment malfunctions and film is destroyed, it will be coveredbut Negative Film/Videotape and Faulty Stock insurance does not cover destruction as a result of negligence or lack of technical skills by the operator.

Most networks and entertainment financers require the limits for Negative Film/Videotape and Faulty Stock insurance to be the full limit of the budget.

Faulty Stock Camera and Processing insurance needs to be purchased with Negative Film and Videotape coverage. Equipment must be tested and proven to be in good working order at the start of the filming or coverage does not apply.

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