23 Jan Properly insuring your film with production insurance

Regardless of where a film your being shot, a studio in Hollywood, or a quaint, small town in Georgia, you’ll want to speak to an agent with a special understanding of the types of coverage required by film producers. Filmmaking is an enterprise that certainly has a unique set of risks. Things that can go wrong while a film is in production are many – ranging from the simple to the bizarre. In addition to the basics like property damage, other unfortunate events could include:

  • An accusation that you’ve plagiarized the script.
  • A leading actor being injured or otherwise unable to complete the project.
  • The property of a citizen being damaged due to an accident while filming.

Having film production insurance is a sign of a true entertainment professional. You know the risks you face by trying to take your vision to the silver screen. Before you tell your star to break a leg, make sure you are actually covered for such an accident.

If you’re producing a film, shooting a commercial or putting on a concert or special event, the Barrow Group can help. Complete the application form at https://www.barrowgroup.com/film-tv-production-coverage/film-application/ and we’ll be in touch ASAP to protect you from the risks that could threaten your success.

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