The Heat Is On: OSHA Has Targeted Temporary Employment Agencies as an industry to watch!

The summer months are approaching and along with them comes hot weather.  OSHA has targeted temporary staffing agencies as an industry to keep an eye on.

  • Nearly 3 out of 4 fatalities from heat illness happen during the first week of work.
  • Watch the four minute video for an overview on OSHA Heat-Illness Prevention
    National Emphasis Program (NEP).

  • Download the poster “Prevent Heat Illness at Work” and post in conspicuous locations at all sites where you place temporary workers: OSHA Poster: Prevent Heat Illness at Work
  • Keep on hand OSHA’s one-page fact sheet as it is a great resource for reminders and important points about heat illness:
    OSHA Prevent Heat Illness Fact Sheet
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