Understanding Film Production Insurance

When you begin the process of making a film, the need to go out and get film production insurance will probably be the last thing on your mind. It’s definitely not a part of the creative process, but knowing you have insurance coverage can alleviate worries that hold you back and protect you – and your projects – against risks that would completely derail the creative process and possibly set you back financially to the point it completely destroys your project.

When choosing film insurance, you have a few options. You can choose to cover individual aspects of the film like insuring your cast against illness, injury, or individual whims like dropping out of a project. You can choose workers’ compensation coverage to protect yourself or your company against lawsuits in case a crew member is injured. You can also choose errors & omissions coverage, and equipment coverage to protect against theft or damage. Or you can choose a full-production package which covers every aspect of producing a film including things you might never think of like the loss of contents of your business office, or liability insurance in case you damage third-party property during filming.

Not only does securing the proper insurance coverage protect your financial investment allowing you to focus on the creative aspects of filmmaking, it also positions you as a professional who understands the complex reality of crafting a film and its inherent risks. Choosing the right partner to help you evaluate the risks associated with any particular project is essential to ensuring you have just the right coverage.

Barrow Group has provided coverage on hundreds of film, TV, and video productions with budgets ranging from $100,000 to $35M. The company and its Director of Film & TV Insurance, Natasha Bobbit are emerging as trusted partners in the industry with an unmatched passion and understanding of film production. Natasha understands and can evaluate your risks better than the average film insurance specialist. Feel free to give Natasha a call to discuss your upcoming projects. 800-874-4798.

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